“There is a difference between dining and eating. Dining is an art. When you eat to get the most out of your meal, to please the palate, just as well as to satiate the appetite, that, my friend, is dining.”
–Yuan Mei (1936)

Our Philosophy

We began Hands of Thyme Catering in 2002 here in Denver, because we’ve always had a passion and love for cooking and preparing food from all over the world. Everything that we do is driven by our dedication to the continued pursuit of culinary perfection in the handling and servicing of our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.

By using the freshest ingredients available, along with a colorful and attractive setup to enhance the presentation, we will create an unforgettable dining experience for any occasion at very reasonable prices.

Whatever you may have in mind, we can create it.

Whether it’s an old reliable family favorite or an exotic menu from the other side of the globe, we’ll make it.

We are only bound by your culinary imagination!

Let us show you how we’re one of the best catering companies in Colorado and why we’ll be the only one you’ll ever use.

May you live well and eat even better!

Zee Adkins
Owner, Chef
Hands of Thyme Catering

Throughout history, nations and civilizations have fought wars and explored the furthest reaches of the globe to acquire the most coveted of spices. And until very recently, even obtaining the most basic spices in American stores Global ethnic cuisinehas been very difficult. But the continual rise of cultural diversity and awareness has whet the American palate for new and captivating foods.

Fortunately, we now live in a time when you can prepare any meal using any ingredients imaginable.

It is a wonderful time to eat!