Hands of Thyme Large Twice Baked Potatoes-$4.99 lb.

Mashed potatoes- $3.99 lb.

Garlic, jalapeƱo, herbed, dill, cheddar & chive or wasabi

Warm German potato salad- $4.99 lb.

Mashed sweet potatoes- $4.99 lb.

Roasted herbed new potatoes- $3.99 lb.

Oven crisped golden potato latkes- $2.49 each

Fingerling potatoes- $4.99 lb.

Scalloped pr Au gratin potatoes- $4.99 lb.

Wild rice pilaf- $4.99 lb.

Quinoa pilaf- $4.99 lb.

Basmati or Jasmine Rice- $3.99 lb.

Mango or Coconut Rice- $3.99 lb.

Mexican rice, Asian fried rice- $3.99 lb.

Stuffed portabella mushrooms- $4.99 lb.

Assorted roasted veggies, assorted steamed veggies- $4.99 lb.

Glazed carrots- $3.99 lb.

Green beans with almonds- $4.99 lb.

Country style green beans with bacon- $4.99 lb.

Grilled or steamed asparagus with roasted red pepper-$4.99 lb.

Asian veggie stir fry- $4.99 lb.

Brussels sprouts (any style)- $4.99 lb.