Mashed potatoes

Garlic, jalapeño, herbed, dill, cheddar & chive or wasabi

Warm German potato salad

Mashed sweet potatoes

Baked sweet potato with cinnamon butter

Baked potato or Twice baked potato

Roasted herbed new potatoes

Oven crisped golden potato latkes

Fingerling potatoes

Scalloped pr Au gratin potatoes

Oven baked steak fries

Grilled potato fries

Wild rice pilaf

Southwestern pilaf

Middle Eastern saffron rice

Basmati or Jasmine rice

Mango or Coconut Rice

Brown rice, Quinoa w veggies, or Cous Cous

Mexican rice, Asian fried rice

Mushroom risotto

Stuffed portabella mushrooms

Wild mushroom roast

Assorted roasted veggies, assorted steamed veggies

Grilled zucchini & squash w roasted red pepper

Steamed broccoli with brown butter sauce or cheese

Backed acorn squash with brown sugar drizzle

Glazed carrots

Green beans with almonds

Country style green beans with bacon

Grilled or steamed asparagus with roasted red pepper

Sautéed spinach

Italian Style veggies

Asian veggie stir fry

New Orleans Style red beans

Stuffed artichokes

Steamed artichokes or artichoke tips

Brussels sprouts with pecan butter

Creamy spring peas with mint

Black eyed peas with bacon